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Apollo "Apollo" Price

Apollo "Apollo" Price plays ADC for the League of Legends Team Team Impulse.
In the time on Team Impulse Apollo "Apollo" Price has an average KDA from 4/2/6 over 60 Games.

Wizfujiin outperformed several competitors in Team Coasts search for a new AD Carry. Mechanically skilled combined great synergy with his support, Daydreamin, were huge factors in his selection. He helped lift Team Coast past the relegation matches against The Walking Zed and dominated all his opponents in the North America Challenger League, proving his worth. He was well known for his Varus play in the LCS, and was one of the few Varus players. Currently, he is known more for his Sivir play, and hopes to use his unique champion pool to vault LoLPro into the LCS.

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