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Sungwoong "bengi" Bae

Sungwoong "bengi" Bae plays JUNGLE for the League of Legends Team SKTelecom T1.
In the time on SKTelecom T1 Sungwoong "bengi" Bae has an average KDA from 2/3/9 over 118 Games.

Bengi is the jungler for SK Telecom T1 K. Known primarily as a support jungler due to his occupation with handing kills to teammates rather than securing them for himself, Bengi has played this style to great success at the highest levels of competition. A strong performer on Lee Sin, Vi, and Jarvan IV during the World Championships, many consider his contribution to their victorious run as important of the team’s primary star, mid laner, Faker. Bengi is absolutely an All-Star player, and with the opportunity to prove that once more, he’ll look to Paris and the 2014 All-Star as a battleground for testing his raw skill.

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