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Adrian "CandyPanda" Wübbelmann

Adrian "CandyPanda" Wübbelmann plays ADC for the League of Legends Team SK Gaming.
In the time on SK Gaming Adrian "CandyPanda" Wübbelmann has an average KDA from 4/2/5 over 93 Games.

CandyPanda is the quintessential veteran. Hes played the AD Carry role for many European teams, including aAa and Mousesports. In 2011, CandyPanda, along with his then long-term lane partner, Nyph, got signed to the SK Gaming roster. The duo hit proved to be an immediate boon for SK as CandyPanda went out to win MVP at IEM New York 2011. After a brief hiatus from SK, he returned to take up his old mantle and went on to carry his team through Season 3. With an ability to play nearly every AD carry at a professional level, CandyPanda is a force to be reckoned with, as evidenced by his stellar performances in the 2014 spring and summer splits. When the 2014 summer playoffs hit, CandyPanda once again stepped up and carried hard, helping his team move on to Worlds.

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