League of Legends eSport Player

Wong "Chawy" Xing Lei

Wong "Chawy" Xing Lei plays MID for the League of Legends Team Taipei Assassins.
In the time on Taipei Assassins Wong "Chawy" Xing Lei has an average KDA from 5/3/5 over 43 Games.

Chawy was brought in a couple of months after the formation of SGS to further strengthen the team. Playing AP carry initially, Chawy has dazzled fans and players alike with his astounding mechanical skills and unconventional picks such as Karma. His signature ability to pull off clutch plays brings an extremely aggressive edge to the team’s play style. He has since been moved to the ADC role at the start of Season 3 and SGS has not looked back since.

Team history
K/D/A per Game
5/3/5 (3,33)
average share per Game
Team kills: 36,54 %
Team deaths: 21,00 %
Team assists: 14,69 %
Minionscore per Game
Minionscore share
31,71 %
Games played for Taipei Assassins
K/D/A per Game
average share per Game
Minionscore per Game
No Games played for Singapore Sentinels

Game Statistics

Champions played