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David "Cop" Roberson

David "Cop" Roberson plays ADC for the League of Legends Team Curse Academy.
In the time on Curse Academy David "Cop" Roberson has an average KDA from 6/2/8 over 9 Games.

The road to Curse was a long one for Cop, being a member of several minor teams before finally landing with the organization, joining as their starting AD Carry in late 2011. Teaming up with Elementz, who had recently joined the team after leaving CLG, the two quickly developed a strong synergy and began forming potent bot lane strategies. Previously criticized for failing to commit to making dramatic plays with All-star support "Edward," he went out of his way to shed this negative stigma. Now Cop can be seen jumping into fights and using his excellent positioning to pick up kills and emerge from team fights unscathed. Moving into the 2014 summer split, Cop was looked upon to guide his newest support, Xpecial, and the rest of his team to the top of the standings. After a disappointing playoffs, Cop moved to Curse Academy after Curse acquired Piglet.

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