League of Legends eSport Player

Lei "corn" Wen

Lei "corn" Wen plays MID for the League of Legends Team King.
Corn is a solid mid laner whose skills draw attention away from Uzi, allowing him to make the plays he’s famed for. However, he should not be underestimated. He is incredibly dangerous on Fizz, Orianna, and Yasuo, and his ability to initiate in tandem with INsec is already impressive despite their short time together.

Team history
K/D/A per Game
average share per Game
Minionscore per Game
No Games played for King
K/D/A per Game
3/3/8 (3,67)
average share per Game
Team kills: 21,86 %
Team deaths: 19,73 %
Team assists: 20,58 %
Minionscore per Game
Minionscore share
28,89 %
Games played for Star Horn Royal Club

Game Statistics

Champions played