League of Legends eSport Player

In-kyu "Dandy" Choi

In-kyu "Dandy" Choi plays JUNGLE for the League of Legends Team Vici Gaming.
Dandy is the confident and storied jungler for Samsung Galaxy Ozone. Dandy serves as the ace of his team. He outplays his opponents in early-game ganks and skirmishes in the jungle, utilizing the high accuracy of his non-target skillshots. While he focuses his efforts on Lee Sin, Elise, and Jarvan IV, Dandy is exceptional at every aspect of the jungler role. Well versed in stealing objectives, ganking, and teamfight initiation, Dandy will remain a deciding factor in Ozone games as long as he’s on the Rift.

Team history
K/D/A per Game
average share per Game
Minionscore per Game
No Games played for Vici Gaming
K/D/A per Game
4/2/10 (7)
average share per Game
Team kills: 23,12 %
Team deaths: 22,40 %
Team assists: 21,40 %
Minionscore per Game
Minionscore share
12,19 %
Games played for Samsung White

Game Statistics

Champions played