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Hung Wei "DinTer" Shiue

Hung Wei "DinTer" Shiue plays JUNGLE for the League of Legends Team HongKong Esports.
In the time on HongKong Esports Hung Wei "DinTer" Shiue has an average KDA from 3/3/10 over 63 Games.

Hailing from the Penghu islands, Dinter is a class act in the face of pressure. He has a lot of history with his fellow teammates as they played badminton together growing up. Dinter is an all-or-nothing style player, preferring hard-hitting AD champs, to the point where it doesn’t always go in his favor. That didn’t stop him or his team in the 2014 GPL Spring, however, as they took first place, solidifying TPA as a serious dynasty. Now, with the invitation to the 2014 All-Star event in Paris squarely in their hands, TPA and Dinter will have the chance to prove themselves worthy of another international title. As the jungler, Dinter will have to play his heart out to shut down the strongest opponents he may ever face.

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