League of Legends eSport Player

Jun "Dodo8" Kang

Jun "Dodo8" Kang plays SUPPORT for the League of Legends Team Team 8.
In the time on Team 8 Jun "Dodo8" Kang has an average KDA from 1/4/9 over 66 Games.

A former HoN player with well-known organization Evil Geniuses, Jun “Dodo8” Kang transitioned into League of Legends and fought his way into the Challenger Series as the support for Team 8. Originally from South Korea, Dodo8 moved to the US in 2000, where his gaming career burgeoned. While the bird of a similar name went extinct years ago, for Dodo8, his most lively and exciting days are still to come as his team blazes a trail toward the LCS.

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