League of Legends eSport Player

Cody "Elementz" Sigfusson

Cody "Elementz" Sigfusson plays SUPPORT for the League of Legends Team Area of Effect.
In the time on Area of Effect Cody "Elementz" Sigfusson has an average KDA from 1/3/14 over 6 Games.

Like several of his teammates, Elementz spent a portion of his professional career on CLG. Originally playing as their starting Support, he joined Curse shortly after being moved to the CLG bench. On Curse, Elementz continued to refine his mechanics and unorthodox champion pool. Known to pick support champions not commonly associated with the role, such as Fiddlesticks and Nautilus, his unusual play allows Curse to often gain early advantages in lane. With Season 3 significantly changing the way Supports play, Elementz has quickly adapted his play style. No one knows what kind of Support tactics he will innovate in Season 3, but Curse fans can expect at least one or two surprising picks.

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