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Gao "Gogoing" Diping

Gao "Gogoing" Diping plays TOP for the League of Legends Team OMG.
In the time on OMG Gao "Gogoing" Diping has an average KDA from 3/3/7 over 33 Games.

Team captain and top laner for OMG, Gogoing is in a tremendous position to influence the success of his team. Often referred to as a, “big brother,” his top lane play makes use of many different champions, both AD and AP, presenting a lot of opportunity for tailored team comps. As someone whose champion pool doesn’t have a “No Diving” section, Gogoing put the moves on his opponents in the 2014 LPL Spring, helping OMG to an invitation to the 2014 All-Star event. Gogoing is no stranger to international competition, and his momentum coming from the LPL could prove him capable of demolishing the best players in the world.

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