League of Legends eSport Player

Beom-hyeon "Gorilla" Kang

Beom-hyeon "Gorilla" Kang plays SUPPORT for the League of Legends Team KOO Tigers.
In the time on KOO Tigers Beom-hyeon "Gorilla" Kang has an average KDA from 1/3/10 over 85 Games.

GorillA is Najin White Shield’s support. Focusing mainly on ranged supports like Nami, Zyra, and Sona, GorillA looks to control the fights with precision and positioning at the forefront of his gameplay. His Thresh is known as one of the best in the world, and opposing teams should beware putting the champion in his hands. His Janna is also highly esteemed, and fans should look forward to an absolute treat if Thresh is banned and Janna falls into his hands.

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