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Eon-Young "Impact" Jeong

Eon-Young "Impact" Jeong plays TOP for the League of Legends Team Team Impulse.
In the time on Team Impulse Eon-Young "Impact" Jeong has an average KDA from 3/3/8 over 58 Games.

Impact is widely considered one of the most formidable top laners in the world, and as his name suggests, has been extremely influential as the top laner for SK Telecom T1 K. Impact is a 2v1 specialist, which holds considerable power in the current meta. As he continues to perform as a member of one of the most successful and powerful teams in the world, he will continue to strike fear in the hearts of his opponents. This intimidation factor will serve him well in the coming 2014 All-Star event, where he will look to renew the lease on his status as an international top lane monster.

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