League of Legends eSport Player

Li "Jay" Chieh

Li "Jay" Chieh plays SUPPORT for the League of Legends Team Taipei Assassins.
In the time on Taipei Assassins Li "Jay" Chieh has an average KDA from 1/3/10 over 52 Games.

As a military man when he isnt gaming, Jay is often looked to by his teammates as a bastion for stability when things get rough – some teammates going so far as to call him Brother Jay. Generally a polite and friendly guy, the Pingtung native lets his skills do the bragging for him. Following an exceptionally dominant performance in the 2014 GPL, Jay has his sights set on the 2014 World Championship. He’ll be facing off against the world’s best teams, and specifically bot lanes, in a bid to prove himself the best support player in the world.

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