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Jesse "Jesiz" Le

Jesse "Jesiz" Le plays ADC for the League of Legends Team Gamers2.
In the time on Gamers2 Jesse "Jesiz" Le has an average KDA from 4/3/8 over 14 Games.

Jesiz was a youngster when he hit the pro scene, but his skills in the mid lane certainly belied his age. Initially scouted by Svenskeren, Jesiz tried out for the SK squad and his impressive performance earned him a spot on the roster. Jesiz stepped into the LCS spotlight with a huge void to fill in the SK lineup. Previous team captain, Ocelote had departed from the mid lane along with many other SK veterans so it was up to Jesiz to make a new name for SKs mid lane. A player with huge playmaking ability, Jesiz performed tremendously well on Ziggs and Nidalee during the 2014 spring split, helping SK Gaming to a second place finish in the playoffs. Riding the momentum from the spring splits success, Jesiz hit the summer split hard. Unfortunately, the competition in the EU LCS tightened up, and SK barely eeked out a fourth place finish. Despite his youth and his teams apparent slump, Jesiz went into the summer playoffs with a positive outlook. And it paid off, as he helped SK earn a spot at Worlds. He has since found himself on the new Coast Gaming, and fighting for a chance back into the LCS, this time on the other side of the Atlantic.

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