League of Legends eSport Player

Tinh "k0u" Tri Lam

Tinh "k0u" Tri Lam plays JUNGLE for the League of Legends Team Vortex.
In the time on Vortex Tinh "k0u" Tri Lam has an average KDA from 3/4/5 over 6 Games.

Tri "k0u" Tin Lam is the jungler for Cloud 9 Eclipse. This young gun boasts some serious talent, and, at the crisp age of 16, he surely has many years of competitive play ahead of him. Regarded as one of C9Es strongest players, hes been a huge part of their success in the Challenger Series. Though hes not yet old enough to play in the LCS should C9E succeed in promotion, no one can deny his capability of playing at the highest level.

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