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Alan "KiWiKiD" Nguyen

Alan "KiWiKiD" Nguyen plays SUPPORT for the League of Legends Team Team Dignitas.
In the time on Team Dignitas Alan "KiWiKiD" Nguyen has an average KDA from 2/3/7 over 183 Games.

Team Dignitas recruited KiWiKiD off the North American collegiate circuit, where he was previously playing for the University of Texas at Austin with an aggressive and pressure-centric playstyle that gained the respect of his teammates. Joining in December 2012 after the departure of IWillDominate, he had to ramp up quickly with his new team. After a stint top lane, KiWiKiD is now Imaqtpie’s support, with ZionSpartan taking the helm of the recently retired Cruzerthebruzer in the top lane. Despite an unsatisfactory fifth place finish, KiWiKid and Imaqtpie’s spirits remained high, as evidenced by their daily duo queue streams and shenanigans. If Dignitas hopes to succeed in the summer split, they will have to ride the confidence and positive attitude of KiWiKiD to first place.

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