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Austin "Link" Shin

Austin "Link" Shin plays MID for the League of Legends Team Counter Logic Gaming.
In the time on Counter Logic Gaming Austin "Link" Shin has an average KDA from 4/2/6 over 157 Games.

Austin "Link" Shin replaced veteran member Bigfatlp in the mid lane during late December 2012 after just two weeks as his substitute. Suddenly thrown into the fierce competition of the North American LCS, Link quickly adapted using his previous experience from professional teams, utilizing his versatile play style to stay alive against some of the best mid lane players in the world. With many other roster adjustments, Link is now one of the oldest members left. The 2014 spring split saw a reinvigorated Link and revitalized CLG. Playing some of the most promising games in recent memory, Link helped his team finish the split in a solid third place. In a dramatic turn of events leading into the 2014 All-Star event, Link was traded to Cloud 9 to relieve an injured and ailing Hai as he recovered from a collapsed lung. Although Cloud 9 was knocked out during the semi finals against OMG, Link demonstrated that he is a world class mid laner. Luckily for Link, visiting Paris was just icing on the cake. Hardened from battle on the Field of Justice, and armed with new-found knowledge of Cloud 9’s inner workings, Link may be just the person to catapult CLG to a first place finish this summer split.

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