League of Legends eSport Player

Hawoon "MakNooN" Yoon

Hawoon "MakNooN" Yoon plays TOP for the League of Legends Team Team Fusion.
In the time on Team Fusion Hawoon "MakNooN" Yoon has an average KDA from 6/6/8 over 16 Games.

Maknoon has been a very well known Korean player since before there were Korean Servers available, making a name for himself in NA with three accounts in the top 25 during season 1, and ultimately becoming known as one of the best players in the game. In Korea, he has played for Najin shield, Najin sword, KT rolster Arrows, and CJ Entus Frost (mid) in OGN Champions, becoming known for a very aggressive playstyle characterized by bold tower dives. He has crossed over to the NA scene and formed Fusion Gaming, and looks to recapture the glory of his past play.

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