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Ainslie "maplestreet8" Wyllie

Ainslie "maplestreet8" Wyllie plays ADC for the League of Legends Team Renegades.
In the time on Renegades Ainslie "maplestreet8" Wyllie has an average KDA from 4/1/7 over 19 Games.

Ainslie “maplestreet8” Wyllie is no stranger to gaming. After playing his first video game at age four, it doesn’t seem like maplestreet8 is prepared to stop anytime soon. Maplestreet began playing League of Legends late in Season 2, and was inspired to pursue a professional career after witnessing TSM’s heartbreaking defeat against Azubu Blaze in the IPL Summer Arena. While he’s most commonly known as the brother of TheOddOne, maplestreet8 has credentials that stretch far beyond family ties. Once known for his outstanding Draven play, his versatility has lead him to switch between mid and AD carry five times in his career, which currently sees him at AD carry for Team 8. Formerly, he played for Velocity during their stint in the LCS, and with that experience, he looks to return triumphantly for another season of top-level competition.

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