League of Legends eSport Player

Zhao-Hong "Mountain" Xue

Zhao-Hong "Mountain" Xue plays JUNGLE for the League of Legends Team Ahq e-Sports Club.
In the time on Ahq e-Sports Club Zhao-Hong "Mountain" Xue has an average KDA from 3/3/11 over 37 Games.

Xue "Mountain" Zhao-Hong is the newest member of yoeFW, replacing REFRA1N at the jungler spot. He is a talented gamer with noteworthy skills and seemingly unlimited potential, is known most for his ability to invade his opponents jungle.

Team history
K/D/A per Game
3/3/11 (4.67)
average share per Game
Team kills: 14.10 %
Team deaths: 20.85 %
Team assists: 22.80 %
Minionscore per Game
Minionscore share
12.35 %
Games played for Ahq e-Sports Club
K/D/A per Game
average share per Game
Minionscore per Game
No Games played for Flash Wolves

Game Statistics

Champions played