League of Legends eSport Player

Rim-Ramon "Nono" Amanieu

Rim-Ramon "Nono" Amanieu plays ADC for the League of Legends Team SPARTA.
In the time on SPARTA Rim-Ramon "Nono" Amanieu has an average KDA from 4/6/9 over 2 Games.

Joining aAa in the months before the EU Qualifier, Nono brings extensive MOBA experience to his team, dating back as far as the release of Warcraft III. Taking up League of Legends during beta, the French native competed for multiple semi-pro teams before joining aAa and qualifying for the EU LCS. Famous for his world-class Ezreal play, Nono has recently broadened his champion pool to include other AD carries like Graves and Ashe. Now slated to compete against the best AD Carries on the EU scene, securing Ezreal as a pick for Nono will be a core component of aAa’s success in Season 3.

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