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Won-seok "Pawn" Heo

Won-seok "Pawn" Heo plays MID for the League of Legends Team Edward Gaming.
In the time on Edward Gaming Won-seok "Pawn" Heo has an average KDA from 5/2/9 over 13 Games.

Pawn is a former mid laner for MiG Blitz and Samsung Blue, now playing with Samsung Galaxy Ozone. After leaving MiG Blue, where he wasn’t highly regarded, he moved to Samsung Blue where he was soon considered one of the best mid laner’s in the world, particularly good at taking solo kills. His acquisition by Blue led them a series victory over SKT T1 K at the Korea WCG Qualifiers, making the second team to beat SKT T1 K in a series ever. His Nidalee is particularly threatening, and Ozone will take full advantage of their Pawn’s strength as they move forward.

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