League of Legends eSport Player

Diego "Quas" Ruiz

Diego "Quas" Ruiz plays TOP for the League of Legends Team Team Liquid.
In the time on Team Liquid Diego "Quas" Ruiz has an average KDA from 3/2/7 over 59 Games.

Quas was the starting top lane player for ggLA; but his rise to the top of the Challenger ladder garnered the attention of the Curse organization. This has allowed Voyboy to move into the mid lane and Quas repeatedly demands the opposing junglers attention due to his immovable playstyle. Quas moved to America from Venezuela to pursue his professional career, its up to him to make the most of the opportunity he has been given. He performed well in the 2014 spring split, but it will be up to his summer split performance to turn Curse into a top team.

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