League of Legends eSport Player

Sangwook "Ryu" Yoo

Sangwook "Ryu" Yoo plays MID for the League of Legends Team H2k.
In the time on H2k Sangwook "Ryu" Yoo has an average KDA from 5/2/5 over 59 Games.

Ryu is the current mid laner for the KT Bullets. Considered an exceptionally strong mid laner, especially during Season 3, Ryu is lauded and feared for his champion pool, capable of playing Ahri, Gragas, Fizz, and many more at the highest level. Ryu is very good at roaming, and works well with his jungler to secure kills and map presence. He’ll be a key player in the KT Bullets’ run in the OGN Champions this season.

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