League of Legends eSport Player

William "Scarra" Li

William "Scarra" Li plays MID for the League of Legends Team CLG Black.
In the time on CLG Black William "Scarra" Li has an average KDA from 4/4/5 over 7 Games.

Wiliam "Scarra" Li is the backbone of Team Dignitas from the mid lane, having been with the team along with Imaqtpie since their original inception as ROCK SOLID. Although he was known for thriving with defensive champions such as Anivia or Karthus, Scarra has shown flexibility, spinning up his old favorites Katarina and Diana while practicing other similarly aggressive champions. Scarra remains a crowd favorite due to his informative and popular stream; he has been used as an analyst for several major events such as the Season 2 World Championships. During the 2014 spring split, Scarra moved to a substitute, coaching-oriented role, returning briefly to replace his replacement, Goldenglue, for the playoffs. Scarra will remain a large part of Dignitas, albeit from behind the scenes.

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