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Jamie "Sheep" Gallagher

Jamie "Sheep" Gallagher plays SUPPORT for the League of Legends Team Cloud9 Tempest.
In the time on Cloud9 Tempest Jamie "Sheep" Gallagher has an average KDA from 1/3/9 over 21 Games.

Jamie ‘Sheep’ Gallagher is the former support for Curse Academy and currently plays for XDG Gaming in the LCS. Ranked within the top 100 in Season 2 playing AD carry, Sheep decided to switch to support in 2013 out of personal preference. From there, he achieved top 5 ranking in solo queue in 2014, and was picked up by amateur team, Curse Academy. After some roster reshuffling within XDG, he was given the opportunity to head to the LCS, and is now trying to fight his way back into the LCS - on Team Coast.

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