League of Legends eSport Player

Sangmyun "Shy" Park

Sangmyun "Shy" Park plays TOP for the League of Legends Team CJ ENTUS.
In the time on CJ ENTUS Sangmyun "Shy" Park has an average KDA from 3/2/7 over 88 Games.

Shy is the near-mythical top laner for CJ Entus Frost. Proving himself the best top laner in the world at the 2013 All-Star event, Shy is skilled at every aspect of top lane play. His lane phase is endlessly skillful, his teamfights are golden, and he roams like a pack of wild lions. Even when teams lane swap against him, Shy is never phased, handling the 2v1 with extreme tact and intelligence. He remains one of the strongest and most popular Korean pros, and if Shy is left to run rampant, CJ Entus Frost will be nearly impossible to beat. On top of his overwhelming performance, Shy has quite the fan following, receiving enough votes to make it to the 2014 All-Star Challenge alongside teammate Madlife. With the addition of Shy, this year’s All-Star Challenge is shaping up to an absolute romp.

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