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Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis

Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis plays JUNGLE for the League of Legends Team Alliance.
In the time on Alliance Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis has an average KDA from 3/4/9 over 8 Games.

Formerly a part of SK Gaming, Snoopeh is the celebrity face of Evil Geniuses. A relatively unknown player upon his entry to the competitive scene, he quickly evolved into one of the most famous streamers in Europe. A master of support-oriented junglers, he prioritizes perfect carry protection and frequently sacrifices his jungle resources for his teammates. With a controlled approach to his game, he continually analyzes his opponent’s strategies to predict the opposing junglers movements and counter them. One of Snoopehs more memorable moments was the now-famous “The Snoopeh Stare”, which he performed at the Season 2 World Championships by staring into the camera as long as possible without blinking. Though his team fell to relegation after the 2014 spring split, but hell look to steer far from the bottom spots with his summer split performance.

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