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Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen

Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen plays JUNGLE for the League of Legends Team SK Gaming.
In the time on SK Gaming Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen has an average KDA from 3/3/7 over 118 Games.

Svenskeren is no stranger to the LCS, as he was previously part of the original Copenhagen Wolves squad that participated in the EU LCS Season 3 spring split. Later on, his team was acquired by Ninjas in Pyjamas for the summer split as they were able to hold onto their LCS spot during relegation matches. His departure from NiP was surprising, but Svenskeren paid no mind, continuously stepping up his skills until SK Gaming sought him out. During the 2014 spring split, Svenskeren took to globally threatening junglers like Evelynn, Pantheon, and Elise. That sort of aggressive play and map pressure helped SK score a second place finish in the spring split. Unfortunately, the summer split saw a bit of a slump for SK, slipping into the playoffs with a fourth place finish. But when playoff time came, Svenskeren and SK buckled down and earned themselves a spot at Worlds. Svenskeren will be looking to bring his signature map pressure to bear against the best the world has to offer.

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