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Erik "Tabzz" Van Helvert

Erik "Tabzz" Van Helvert plays ADC for the League of Legends Team Elements.
In the time on Elements Erik "Tabzz" Van Helvert has an average KDA from 3/3/5 over 18 Games.

Erik "Tabzz" van Helvert has earned a spot on the roster of many European teams since picking up competitive League of Legends in 2011, including a trip to Sao Paolo, Brazil, as part of Team Millenium. After the dissolution of the old Millenium roster, Tabzz joined up with the Lemondogs less than a month before EU LCS Summer Promotion. Tabzz hit the ground running and helped the Lemondogs reach the top spot in the LCS over the course of the summer split. The team ultimately took second at regionals. The Lemondogs broke up shortly after Season 3 Worlds, and Tabzz was quickly approached by Froggen to join his budding squad, Alliance. In the following 2014 spring split, Tabzz found comfort in Lucian, Sivir, and Caitlyn, playing 9, 5, and 5 games on those champions, respectively. His strength as an AD Carry has been tested at every turn throughout his career, but Tabzz has always stood strong. As Alliance came off a weak 2014 spring split performance, Tabzz dug deep and, with the help of his team, turned Alliance around. The follow summer split was a tour de force for his new team. As Alliance made their way through the playoffs, ultimately earning a spot at Worlds, Tabzz remained a key component to the teams success.

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