League of Legends eSport Player

Mike "Wickd" Petersen

Mike "Wickd" Petersen plays TOP for the League of Legends Team Alliance.
In the time on Alliance Mike "Wickd" Petersen has an average KDA from 2/2/6 over 82 Games.

Already a world-famous top laner before Alliance ever existed, Wickd was Evil Geniuses’ most experienced competitive gamer despite being the youngest member of the team at the time. At just 18 years old, Wickd was feared. He would bring champions like Irelia to the Rift and dominate so absolutely that he would draw frequent bans from the opposing team in tournament play. While preferring bruisers over casters in top lane, when the meta shifted in preference of double AP champions, he diversified his roster to include Kennen and Vladimir. Wickds confidence follows wherever he goes. Since coming to Alliance, that hasnt changed. Wickd isnt afraid to face-tank the entire enemy team if it means victory. He is famously known to play as if the jungler isnt present in top lane in order to gain the upper hand in 1v1 situations. The 2014 spring split saw Wickd with Irelia as his most played champion with 7 games played (tied with Trundle), while Renekton was also a go-to pick for 6 games, serving a similar purpose. Wickd’s specific brand of top lane picks and aggressive gameplay have helped propel Alliance through some tough times and straight onto the World stage.

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