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Darshan "Zion Spartan" Upadhyaya

Darshan "Zion Spartan" Upadhyaya plays TOP for the League of Legends Team Counter Logic Gaming.
In the time on Counter Logic Gaming Darshan "Zion Spartan" Upadhyaya has an average KDA from 3/2/7 over 45 Games.

The former top laner for Team Coast, Darshan "ZionSpartan" Upadhyayas was picked up by Team Dignitas following Coasts failed attempt at retaining their LCS spot in the 2014 summer split. Excellent in 1v2 lane swaps, ZionSpartan’s adaptive talents made him a vital component of CST’s lineup. One of the two founding members of Team Coast, he illustrated his fondness for assassin characters with his dominant Akali and Katarina play. ZionSpartan’s devastating performances with his favorite character Rumble render him an undeniable threat and he also boasts a potent Riven. Perhaps most well known in recent performances for his Jax play, hell be a huge boon to the Dignitas lineup in the summer split.

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