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Chris "Zuna" Buechter

Chris "Zuna" Buechter plays ADC for the League of Legends Team XDG.
In the time on XDG Chris "Zuna" Buechter has an average KDA from 4/3/6 over 109 Games.

Christopher "Zuna" Buecther was previously the Jungler for CLG Black before serving for a brief period of time as XDGs top lane. Ultimately, however, he moved into the AD Carry role for his team and found a more comfortable role. Much like his top lane playstyle, Zuna took an aggressive approach to the bottom lane, consistently capitalizing on emergent opportunities and occasionally taking dangerous risks. Coming into 2014, Zuna switched to the jungler position, with former jungler Xmithie moving to AD carry. A disappointing showing led to another roster swap mid-season, landing Zuna in the support role following the departure of BloodWater. And, just when you thought Zuna had settled down, he returned to the AD carry position following the signing of Sheep, a former Curse Academy support. Has the positional Ferris wheel let Zuna off on solid ground, or will XDG find themselves with yet another swap in the future? Thats up to the universe now.

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